Empty Chair Studio

Project Description

The objective was simple – create a visual montage illustrating the amount of energy and how amazing James Capital Advisors is! The way we did this was by highlighting certain elements of their business which people commonly associate with quality, energy, and success.


Mike James walks out of Equinox with his newspaper and gym bag in hand. We see fast paced tracking shots, detail shots. He walks directly into the elevator, the camera pulls towards the doors as they shut. The elevator door opens into our office and the camera pulls back. As Mike walks into the office, the lights go on and show our logo on the glass conference room. The music kicks in and the pace picks up. Agents all over the bullpen – on the phones – high energy – upbeat, exciting and fun. We see a syncopated slow motion shot panning through the agents. A drone shot circles Los Angeles. Mike James walks back to the elevator and turns around. The door closes to reveal the company logo.

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